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Teresa's passion for this project comes across in her mission: 

I’m taking the first step into cannabis beverages that feels right for me as a visionary, a nutritionist, a business owner, a mom and most importantly as a friend and confidant to my customers. Plant Magic marries my passion for fresh, plant-based juices with hemp ~ a member of the cannabis plant family. Hemp has been around for ages and is known to be rich in cannabinoids ~ the most plentiful is CBD. Hemp is also known to be non-psychoactive meaning it will not give you a “buzz”, take your mind to a far away place, or make you want to dive into salty, sweet snack foods. There is no “getting high” from hemp. However, like all cannabis plants the cannabinoids are worthy of being included in our diets for high-vibe nutritional value. They offer wholesome, goodness that we can only suggest you try for yourselves as the endocannabinoid system is a complex, yet emerging field of study that suggests cannabinoids are a vital part of homeostasis. With the addition of hemp extract, we hope to further support our clients' wellbeing by supporting both body and mind